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ABOUT                 THE FIRM

Shadi Sharif and Tahira Shakrian Architecture Office has been established since 1996. Since then, it has designed projects in various sizes and for clients in the business and private sectors. After a series of projects and successes achieved especially restoration and maintenance of the exterior Preservation and restoration of heritage buildings in Jerusalem, and construction of high-rise buildings in Tel Aviv The success moved to Haifa and they established an architectural and interior design firm. 

All over Israel such as Kavim College, Academic Center and Yitzo Haifa.

שאדי תמונה

Architect Shadi Sharif

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Architect Tahira Shakrian

Shadi Sharif-Safdi Architects and Interior Designers, is a veteran architectural firm that performs various planning works for developers, contractors, local authorities and the like. The goals that guide the work of the firm are: A. Providing high-quality, high-quality planning services. B. Comprehensive architectural vision and advanced working methods. third. Implementation of the client's requirement in providing advanced technological solutions. D. Strict adherence to schedule. God. Skill, professionalism, honesty and creative originality. and. Integrating environmental art into architectural design.

In light of the globalization trend in the construction industry, our offices are characterized by the provision of planning services, which includes experienced professional consultants, in order to enable the client to have one address for the provision of all planning services as one piece. And What our offices are about: Consulting and planning services include: 1. Architectural design. 2. "Evacuation-construction" - locating, initiating and promoting the projects. 3. Upgrading of functional buildings and conversions. 4. Programming survey - initial planning and proposing alternatives. 5. Licensing, detailed planning and top supervision of projects of various scopes. 6. Interior design of private homes. 7. Interior design of bars and restaurants. 8. Interior Design Commercial Stores.

Let Us Design Your Dream And To Make It True....

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